So what did you do last year?   Have look at the pictures and see what we did.....!

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After seeing all the great activities YOU can be part of, you are now probably now thinking about how you can join in all the fun.

You can join the Air Cadets if you are between 12 (year 8 at school) and 17yrs old. The leaving age is when you reach 18 years old. If certain criteria are met then you can be extended to 20 years old.  Some cadets on reaching 20 become staff as Civilian Instructors or Adult Sergeants.

Being an Air Cadet requires personal commitment. There will be regular meetings (parades) and 272 (Wisbech) Squadron meets Monday and Thursday evenings from 7.00pm-9.30pm. Added to this there will be a full programme of weekend activities and events as well as longer camps including some overseas ones (subject to meeting the criteria).

The cost of joining us is very low. At the moment it is just £10 per month.  We do have to charge for some bigger exercises and events but we always keep these costs as low as possible and will always notify cadets and parents in advance. Blue uniform is provided when you pass your initial basic training although you will have to provide your own green uniform, belts, boots and shoes.

We operate an intake system. Potential cadets join on the first available intake date once they are in year 8 at school.   By adhering to intake dates we can ensure that new cadets start their basic training at the same time and so gain the full benefit of a structured programme working as a group. 

Interested?  Pop along to our Sandyland HQ for chat or

You can get in touch by email or ring 01945 587251 (during parade times)

Many things will appear strange at first, don't panic, there are plenty of people around who are there to help you. You will soon feel at home and part of the team..


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